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call for participation at international musicology colloquium


What was the historical, the mythological and what is the contemporary practice of using the shakuhachi as a spiritual tool? What is role of sound in different spiritual practices? What are the differences in approach towards the instrument by enlightenment seekers and musicians?

One of the icons of Japanese tradition – the mysterious and legendary bamboo flute shakuhachi bridges the musical and the spiritual. Sometimes causing disaccord between individuals who approach the instrument from different perspective.

The shakuhachi has become a global phenomenon and all its aspects are currently under scrutiny of international academic research. Special guest of this conference will be the head abbot of the Hoshin-ji Daisetsu Kosuge, co-founder of Komuso Kenkyu-kai, Fuke shakuhachi study group, whose keynote will complement other historical, ethno musicological and theoretical talks. Since we realize importance and universal validity of this theme, we would as well heartily welcome conference papers rooted in different music field, which deals with similar difficulties. Case studies focused on these problems are welcome likewise.

All facets of the shakuhachi, from the cultural and anthropological to the strictly musicological, are welcome themes for papers and discussions at the symposium hosted by the Institute of Music Theory of the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. The colloquium will be part of the Prague Shakuhachi Festival 2015 and held from the 21st till 25th August at the Music and Dance Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Malostranské nám. 13, 11801 Praha 1.

Applicants for active participation are required to send their applications electronically to the colloquium’s secretary – Jakub Míšek (and cc to Application deadline 31.7.2015. The applications must include:

  1. Abstract of the paper (350 words max.)
    2. Information about the author (name, address, instutions of whcih  he/she is part, and his/her photograph)
    3. List of required technical facilities for the presentation (the lecture hall is equipped with a CD and DVD player and a data-projector)

The standard length of the presentations is 20 minutes with additional 10 minutes for discussion. The language of the colloquium is English (if necessary, the organisers will provide translation from Japanese).

Organisational Committee:

Jakub Míšek
Doc.Mgr. Vlastislav Matoušek, Ph.D.  (ÚHV FF UK and UTH HAMU)